Sirius Young Performers theatre company coming soon to the Chelmsford area!

Sirius Young Performers Limited Film, TV, and Theatrical Agency Open Day

Saturday 7th December 10am at Boswells School, Burnham Road Chelmsford CM1 6LY

Under 25 and a Triple Threat? Exceptional or Unusual Talent? Enthusiastic Performer with Potential? We want to meet you!

For the first time, we are opening our agency books to the public. You will take part in a mini workshop, meet industry experts including a Casting Producer from the Voice Kids, Film Producers and Director, Actress an TV Presenter, a Professional Singer and a Spotlight representative and get to show us what you can do.

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Sirius Young Performers

Are Delighted to Present

Into The Woods JR

Come along and support our local young people.

Sunday 15th December 7pm at Braintree Arts Theatre.

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Singer with Soul

Our Head Vocal Coach Abi will help you reach those hard to reach notes.

Much like smells, hearing music has the ability to transport you to other places, to lift you when you are feeling down, to reduce you to tears often for no discernible reason. It can unite or sometimes even divide people such is the power of music. To be able to produce this in whatever the chosen media is a true gift. The question often asked in life, but particularly the performing arts, is was that person born with that talent? Can it be learnt? Can I ever be that good? Is it too late for me? The simple answer to this is that everyone is different. Indeed, what people want from singing is different as are there aspirations and expectations. At Sirius, we believe we can find a role for everybody to express themselves in some way through singing. We are there to look at your existing abilities, listen to your wishes and then set realistic goals. We can certainly take an enthusiastic bathroom singer and fine tune your voice through various practical techniques, but a large amount of improvement comes from practise and confidence. We will apply appropriate roles in shows to the level of your ability, pushing you gently to stretch yourself on each new occasion, gradually building that confidence through actually performing. Above all, you must enjoy it and set yourself realistic targets every step of the way.


Dancers with Desire

Our Head of dance and choreography will help you pirouette your way around the stage.

Of course, correct dance techniques are extremely important for your bodies wellbeing as well as producing great results. But key to success in this art is the passion you feel for the art and indeed feeling passion for the interpretation of the music into dance. You need to be able to convert the sound of the music into a physical form that links the audience between the two medias. Indeed, you need to be able to act too. To express emotion through not just your body, but your face too. Some of you may have read the singing section, and there we talk about being born with talent. Indeed, many people are born with innate talent in many fields, but each person varies. A person born with huge amounts of innate talent who never practices because they have no desire for instance, will never reach the top of their chosen field. At Sirius, we are not here to put you on the stage with the Royal Ballet. We are here to identify what you have and nurture you. We will develop you step by step andenable you to put what you have learnt into practise at least twice a year on stage. Again as with all sections on this page, you will truly benefit in many ways nonethe least in gaining confidence. I will say this in all sections because it is so important, you must enjoy yourself.


Actors with Ambition

Our Head of Acting Gayle will help you find that inner Oscar Winner.

Have you ever been in a cinema and looked around you to see that every single person around you is silent, eyes unblinking, maybe just a tear running down their cheek and a piece of popcorn frozen half way between the bag and mouth. Chances are you are watching a film that no doubt has been well written and directed, but also beautifully acted. In fact, some of the best actors are the ones that can take a poor storyline and turn it into a masterpiece. Although, once again, the talent that you are born with can be a factor, we believe that of all the elements of the performing arts, this is one that can be most easily developed at any age. What you will need though is an ability to understand a character by reading a script, to listen to direction, be confident in your abilities, to remember lines and work well in a team. As with everything at Sirius, we will keep you generally in your comfort zone, but gently stretch you to build you confidence and learn and develop without even realising you are being taught anything. Could you be the next Hollywood or even better, UK based star to emerge. It’s very possible with application and ambition. If you’ve read the other sections, you will know what I’m going to say next. Indeed, you are right Have Fun!!