Sirius Young Performers Ltd were established early in 2018 to deliver a means of learning the various elements of the performing arts through the media of live full scale theatre shows twice a year at professional venues.


To be the best YOU that you can be.

We are SIRIUS about the performing arts, but our ethos is one of learning, through performance, of building confidence through gradual exposure to performance, of enhancing team work through demonstrating the importance of all individuals within a team to make the whole, of recognising strengths and building on foundations, of remembering that results are produced when people are loving what they do and above all to recognise that we are a diverse and wide ranging group of people and that diversity must be respected at all times.


Managing Director and Producer, Head of Talent Agency

An airline Captain by profession and having no discernible talent in the performing arts myself, I watched how my son had developed so well through performance and how happy he was and indeed still is. It was this that made me decide to branch into Sirius Young Performers Ltd to help others experience what Oscar did. By employing the amazing team we have and sticking to our core principles, I believe that Sirius Young Performers can provide an amazing theatrical training experience. I enjoy eating out far too much and being near water.


Photographer, Social Media and Marketing and Head of Child Welfare and Safeguarding.

A social worker by profession, I have taken a career break and am now responsible for developing new and exciting avenues for our company to develop towards. I'm keen on yoga and photography both of which I'm undertaking course in.


Young Persons Peer Mentor.

I have attended a number of theatre schools since I was 5.
I enjoy all aspects of Drama and the arts. For me, It is not just about a main part but working together as a team towards a common goal. I enjoy the friendships i have made throughout my experiences and the mutual support we have for one another.


Head of Acting, Stage Manager and Show Director.

Gayle's Theatre career spans over 20 years, in that time she has worked as a Stage Manager at The London Palladium and Her Majesty's Theatre in the West End. Gayle has also worked with touring Theatres working on shows such as Sweet Charity, Return to the forbidden planet and the Woman in Black. Gayle has spent many years working with children teaching drama workshops as well as working closely with the charity MIND where she wrote and directed a play which was then performed to schools and colleges raising awareness and reducing stigma around Mental Health.


First Aider, Head of Dance and Choreography, Vocal Coach and Assistant Show Director.

Abi has been performing since the age of 2 years old and has carried on through her whole life. At 17 she attended the Scene II Performing Arts Academy. Here she studied for three years and attained a diploma in performing Arts. She has since worked professionally as a performer but has changed her focus to teaching and choreographing. Abi is very excited to be a part of Sirius and working with everybody.


Head of Social Media and Communications and Deputy Head Child Welfare and Safeguarding.

I’m Jacqui, married with 2 children from Braintree. I have been in admin for 30 years. I work for a primary care provider producing all their admin work. I also help with admin for my daughter’s local trampoline club.



I am currently studying Drama as one of my A-levels after having just completed my GCSE’s. I have a passion for performing and get a thrill out of experiencing live theatre, whether that’s being involved in the show or simply as a member of the audience! I enjoy working with those who share my love for performing, and hope to bring enthusiasm and excitement to Sirius!


Young Persons Peer Mentor.




Transporter and mobile stage.

Although my heritage is Dutch, I was born in 2003 on a production line at Leyland Trucks in Preston. Very quickly, a man from Bishop Stortford fell in love with me and asked a company to make some changes to me. He used me to sell horse grooming products. About 10 years later, a couple bought me in Stoke. They sold Christmas products from me. Finally, Sirius Young Performers owner fell in love with me too. He says I’ll be with him forever. Lots of children will be singing and dancing on my stage at Fetes, Fayres and other venues. Exciting times ahead.