Siriusly Good TV is back.
Look out for our next episode on YouTube Thursday 22nd October. Count down from 4.30pm for the live show.
Congratulations to Luke from our agency and Siriusly Good TV for gaining his first professional role.
Welcome to Georgia our new apprentice. Having been thrown in at the deep end with the sudden loss of two staff members, Georgia is demonstrating amazing strength of character. Combined with her obvious talents, we expect her to go far.
Congratulations Chloe on being appointed to Mentor. Chloe has demonstrated every asset we would look for in our brightest star award, but has also demonstrated the maturity to pass that skill on to others. She has also written a lovely song which you will soon get to hear and hopefully see.
Congratulations Millie on being asked to be a mentor for our young company this season. Millie is 12 years old and has been a part of Sirius since we began, she is also represented by our talent agency @siriustalent. Millie always has a smile for everyone, she is a valued member of the group and we feel it's a great role model and ambassador for the Sirius group. Very well done Millie, we are very proud of you.
Congratulations to Lacey on being asked to be a Mentor for our company this season. Lacey is 13 years old and has been part of the Sirius company since we began, she is also a vital and valued member of @siriuslygoodtv. Lacey brings enthusiasm and energy to everything she does, and we feel that she is a great role model who encompasses all of what we are about; kindness, support and effort. Lacey's will be to be a role model and mentor for all of our young company, she will support the staff team, thus gaining some work experience and leadership skills. Very well done Lacey, it's been a pleasure to see you grow and learn.
Siriusly Good TV Update.
More great news concerning Siriusly Good TV. Felsted School have agreed to supply us with our house band. Having seen some of the talent the music department at Felsted produce, we are extremely lucky to have them on board. Depending on how the channel develops, this may well bring opportunities to those who don't fit our age requirements for the main cast. This could possibly be as vocal backing or dancers.
Siriusly Good TV !
We are very pleased to announce that we will be working on a new project in conjunction with the film and tv department of The College at Braintree (part of the Colchester Institute). Pre production will be starting shortly for a young people led YouTube channel. This will be aimed at 12-18 year olds confronting head on current issues faced by young people of today. The selected theatre company members will be creating and devising the show, purely facilitated by us. The technical side will again be undertaken by the students from the College at Braintree most of whom are 16-18. Initially 4 pilots will be filmed from October of this year so keep checking back for more. The channel is called Siriusly Good TV
Sirius Talent Agency
Sirius Agency is live with our performers already being submitted for jobs. In fact, one casting opportunity has already been offered.
Elliot our new Mentor.
Our amazing Buddy in Elf Elliott kindly accepted a position of Mentor at Sirius. Although leading roles doesn’t necessarily lead to all the accolades, in Elliott’s case he blew us away in every area. He literally knew all his lines before having his script, he threw himself into rehearsals not only helping his fellow cast members, but also us with supplying well thought out suggestions and ideas. Never once shying away from pushing himself or simply shifting tables around. Elliott is simply a credit to himself and his family.
Sirius Brightest Star Winter 2018.
Once again, this was an incredibly difficult decision with so many cast living up to our ethos of Being the best YOU that you can be. In the end our Santa and fake Santa played by Nic achieved the award. Nic joined us last season after answering our plea for lost boys. From day one, Nick was a ray of sunshine, always positive and never afraid to stretch himself. His interaction with and assistance he gives to his fellow cast is exemplary. He is a joy to have around and is developing every week.
Elf Jr. Update
With a couple of technical issues aside, what a great night Elf was. Our cast did us proud and the support of a sell out audience was invaluable and really appreciated. Here’s to the next one.
Elf a sell out.
Thank you so much on behalf of the Sirius Team and our wonderful performers. We hope you have a fantastic evening if you are coming !
Sirius Brightest Star Summer 2018
Sirius Brightest Star is our exclusive trophy which we award to the young person who we feel exemplifies our values. The recipient of this award is voted for by all Sirius staff. Our values are summed up as follows; 'it's not about who you know, it's not about what you wear or where you live. It's not about your body or what you own. It's about being the best YOU that you can be' The winner of our very first award was Bella Day. The award was voted for by each member of staff and management team. Bella is a polite young lady with bags of talent, what made Bella stand out for the team was her ability to calmly support her peers, she is quick to learn and brings a smile to everything she does. Bella is a great example to other cast members and us, with her understated but enthusiastic approach. Bella is a little ray of sunshine who is a credit to her parents, we are very lucky to have her and hope she is as proud of herself as we are of her. Well done Bella.
Peter Pan Huge Success
Well, that's our first ever show done and what an unbelievable show it was. The feedback has been phenomenal and we did have a number of people attending that had no connection to our performers and had such wonderful comments to make. All the young people and indeed parents and carers should be so proud. It takes a huge amount of nerve to step out onto a stage and nobody flinched. I mentioned it on the evening, but I want to emphasise how all the group have fulfilled so many elements of the companies ethos. The development seen in many areas has been fantastic to see and the manner in which individuals have naturally taken on the ethos of looking out for others and helping where you can, has been heart warming. It was genuinely an incredibly hard decision whom to award Sirius Brightest Star to, but once again congratulations to Bella Day who typified many areas of our philosophy in a quiet and unassuming manner. We look forward to a similarly successful performance of Elf on December the 16th.
Coming Soon Sirius Young Performers Talent Agency
We are very excited to announce that we will soon be launching our very own talent agency, tailored to our performers and the needs of the industry. Details will follow soon.
Successful Workshops And Castings
All of us here at Sirius Young Performers would like to thank all the young people and their parents and carers, who came to our workshops and casting on Saturday. You really made our day. Every single young person brought something to the table without exception. All of you should now know your roles in Peter Pan with a couple of exceptions who will know once we see a little bit more of you on the first of the rehearsals. Thank you all for maintaining your energy and enthusiasm through what we know was a long and probably a little bit of a stressful day. You should all be very proud of yourselves on many levels. Today, I have applied for our performance licence and confirmed with the Braintree Arts Theatre that the show is going ahead on the 8th July. It may seem early, but please everybody start to put the word out there to friends and family to book their tickets early. I really want our young people to look out and see a full auditorium of 300 people and hear all that applause echoing round the venue. Booking details can be found in the events section of this website and on social media. Finally, we are still looking to cast our Chief Tiger Bamboo. This role is humorous and requires good character work. It has little demands by way of dancing and singing. If anyone knows anybody that might be interested, please point them our way. We are also looking for more ensemble members to play Indians, Mermaids, Lost Boys and Fairies. Not all these roles require any solo work, so may be just the roles for people keen to be involved but not quite ready to go it alone yet. Once again, thank you to one and all of you and here